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Feel the Joy(stick) – Introducing the World’s First Magnetic Force Feedback Joystick

Victoria, BC (PRWEB)May 23, 2017 This new style of joystick is beautiful in its simplicity. With just one moving part, it removes the mechanics used by traditional joysticks. The main moving component of the device silently glides along programmable magnetic fields (similar to magnetic levitation trains). It is completely silent with no mechanical noise. With […]

Finalist for the 16th Annual VIATEC Technology Awards

Iris Dynamics, Ltd. is honored and excited to be selected as a finalist for the 16th Annual VIATEC Technology Awards.   The awards celebrate the achievements of technology companies responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest growing technology region in British Columbia, and to recognize the leaders, creators and innovators that have driven the local tech […]

Force Feedback Rudder Pedals Complete

Iris has completed their latest project: force feedback for rudder pedals! We have taken our magnetic linear motor and scaled it to produce high force, high fidelity, and silent actuation for Precision Flight Control’s Dual Professional rudder pedals. The motor can produce up to 45 lbf at 350 W sustained through a mechanical arm advantage. […]

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