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Iris Dynamics Actuators are designed specifically for human-machine interaction. They are silent and free of any mechanical backlash as only magnetic fields are used to transfer force. They output very smooth forces over their travel, which can be over a meter when needed. Fast vibrations and sharp haptic effects are possible due to the extended frequency response that comes from a lack of gears and other mechanical connections.

These actuators have been used to produce simulated forces in cyclics, rudder pedals, motorbike handlebars and Olympic sports simulation equipment. In human-machine applications, these actuators have continually outperformed servo-motor technology in both cost and performance. Their ability to mimic combinations of inertia, damping, and spring forces makes them virtually indistinguishable from organically generated forces. 

By using the static and generated magnetic fields in the device more efficiently, this device is providing the world with a competitive, low-voltage, direct-drive solution to control loading and motion control problems.

Position is detected using an array of hall effect sensors which provide a robust and contactless sensor solution. Independent and redundant electrical angles are produced for every 2 phases in the actuator. 

Multiple winding arrangements yield a wide range of solutions. A full-duplex, differential serial interface allows for real-time control up to 3000 times per second. USB controllers which interface with up to 6 actuators each are available and provide isolation between the USB interface and the power electronics.


Features and Benefits

  • Direct magnetic driving of a single moving shaft
  • Silent operation
  • Zero backlash
  • Minimal force output ripple
  • Redundant contactless position sensing
  • 0 – 1000 Hz force frequency response
  • Voltage supply requirements from 8 to 24 V
  • Flexible sizing depending on power and space availability.
  • Lightweight and high-density shaft options
  • Optimized for sustained force outputs
  • Industry standard RS422 serial interface
  • USB controller with DirectInput interface available
  • Adjustable inertia, damping, and spring coefficients over serial.
  • Custom controllers available

Design Principles

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