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What do the terms Linearized Force and Torque, Control Loading and Siilk Technology mean?

The Linearized Force and Torque technology uses patented electromagnetic design and software algorithms for motion control, eliminating load cells and torque sensors and replacing expensive mechanical gears, pulleys, pneumatics, and hydraulics.  With few moving parts, systems are simplified and reliability is improved.

Control loading (CL) is the commercial machine simulator industry method of using variable forces to impart a realistic feel of the simulated machine’s primary control system to the operator. It also is used for remotely piloted aerial vehicles, submersibles, surgical robots, heavy equipment and military vehicles where precision control feel is required. An example of the existing use of Control Loading is the electric steering used in many new automobiles.

Siilk Technology is the trademarked name for our magnetic force feedback linear actuators and subsequent technology.


What is your product warranty?

Iris Dynamic’s product warranty is available on our Warranty page.

Payment Terms
What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards through Paypal. Please visit our Payment page for more information.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship directly from our manufacturing facility to customers all around the world without restriction.

Do you have the necessary CE certification (with sticker) that my country requires for shipping?

We have full CE conformity (with the sticker). The unit was cleared for safety and emissions with a cQAIus designation number which coveres FCC, CE, and CSA.

When will my order be shipped?

Products are all built to order.  Orders require assembly, calibration and testing. Shipment dates are approximately 2 – 3 weeks from order, however production times vary according to orders in the queue.

How will my order be shipped?

Iris Dynamics utilizes United Parcel Service (UPS) and Canada Post to ship all orders.

What type of delivery is available?

On small orders, door-to-door shipping is usually available. The recipient is responsible for any customs fees or duties. We are not responsible for shipping delays.

What if my shipment is damaged in transit?

If your shipment is damaged when you receive it, please follow the instructions on our Freight Policy page.

How do I return an item for repair?

To return components to Iris Dynamics, please follow our RMA Procedures found in our Warranty page.

Yoke Handle Availability

What are my yoke handle options?

Iris Dynamics offers three options for yoke handles:

The IDL-300-020 or IDL-300-030 Flight Yoke Handles are available directly from us, either as individual handles for retrofits, or as an option when ordering a DragonflyVR.  They attach directly to the DragonflyVR and Dragonfly Flight Yoke Bodies.

Do-it-yourselfers and OEMs who wish use their own handle can purchase our yoke body without one.  Attaching a third party yoke handle to the shaft on our yoke bodies will require a shaft collar, such as from McMaster-Carr #6157K17, 6435K17, or 9966K14.  Most third-party yoke handles will also require the available IDL-30001 Intelligent Yoke Handle Board.

Is the Beech yoke Handle available without a Clock?

No.  All of the handles have the clock installed.

Siilk Actuator

Is it possible to buy a Siilk 10001 actuator and make it into a complete yoke system?

Yes, this quite common for system integrators. You will need an appropriate ATX power supply and a yoke handle.  You may also need our intelligent handle board if you need more than 4 switch inputs.  Some kind of non-ferrous metal enclosure is required for operator safety, physical protection and electromagnetic shielding. Ferrous enclosures may also be used within strict guidelines, please contact us if this is an issue.

Is it possible to make a side-stick with the actuator?

The actuator is a general purpose actuator with plenty of stroke and rotation (pitch and roll) for control sticks.  For ergonomics, may be useful to externally limit the stroke and rotation, depending on your application. All of the other requirements listed above for making a complete yoke system still apply.

How do I mount the actuator?

There are holes in the bottom, front and rear of the actuator that can be used for physical mounting.  These are shown in the datasheet.

Can I mount the actuator at an angle or vertically?

Possibly.  Because of the weight of the actuator shaft itself and any handle or load attached to the shaft, some of the available forces from the actuator will be used to overcome gravity.  This provides asymmetrical net forces.


I have been waiting for my Kickstarter reward yoke to be shipped for a long time. Why is that?

We originally planned to build and ship the Kickstarter reward units, then develop a commercial version for sale to the general public. Instead, thanks to new investment, we have accelerated the introduction of the commercial version. The good news is that many of the Kickstarter supporters are getting a much more refined product at well below our production cost. The bad news is that some of you have had to wait longer.  Kickstarter rewards will be completely shipped by April 2016.  We appreciate your patience and support.

What handle will I receive with my Kickstarter reward?

Iris is providing a basic black ‘ram’s horn’ plastic yoke handle that demonstrates the essential functions for flight simulation use.  This low-cost handle will be adequate for demo purpose, but most users will want to upgrade to the IDL-300-020 Flight Yoke Handle or a 3rd-party handle. For custom handles, the IDL-30001 Intelligent Handle Board is available for purchase if more than four switches are required, otherwise the board supplied with the demo handle is adequate.  This intelligent board is the same size as the one provided in the demo handle, but contains an on-board microprocessor for communicating with the main yoke system CPU.

To attach a custom yoke handle, a shaft collar is available from McMaster-Carr #6157K17, 6435K17 or 9966K14.  These collars can be drilled and tapped with the required mounting holes.  For heavier handles, the McMaster-Carr #9947K19 shaft collar is preferred.  Equivalent collars from other suppliers are acceptable.  To minimize mass, aluminum collars are preferred.

I am not a Kickstarter backer, but can I purchase a Kickstarter Reward?

Right now, our priority is shipping completed yoke units to our original KS backersHowever, customers who are established system developers are eligible to purchase units as well from our web site.  Once the KS Reward fulfillment is complete in April 2016, we’ll be able to ship complete yoke units to the general public.  The Siilk 10001 actuator is readily available and may be ordered for prompt delivery.

Discontinued Products

Where can I find the documentation for discontinued products?

We support all of our products, including ones that are no longer manufactured.  Downloads and Manuals are provided here for all products.

Visiting Iris Dynamics
I would like to visit your facility, is this OK?

We can accommodate visitors by prior arrangement.  Much of the work we are doing is proprietary and we also need to maintain confidentiality for special projects we are undertaking with our aerospace and industrial partners who have secrecy requirements. A heads-up if you plan to drop in is greatly appreciated.  No photography is allowed.