Magnetic Force Feedback

Iris Technology Emulates Gear-Shift in Joysticks

Iris Dynamics is switching gears with their latest technology – literally. The company has been heavily focused on R&D and new developments are starting to shift into high gear.

“We’ve been trying all sorts of force-effects on our new Magnetic Force Feedback Joysticks” says CEO Patrick McFadden. “Most recently, we’ve programmed them to emulate gear-shifters.”  This new feature enables users to use a Joystick as a gear shifter for various applications. “It’s working beyond expectations.”

Because of the programmability of Iris’ Magnetic Force-Feedback tech, the subtle nuances of gear shifting are accurately captured and the simulation experience significantly heightened. Users can actually feel the clunks of going into gear, gear grinding, and even slippages using Iris’ joysticks.

Since the programming is all completed in software, it is 100% customizable, meaning users can determine shift patterns and number of gears. “Do you want to experience an old three-speed manual? Or a Mach 5 racer? Go for it. How about a futuristic 24-speed manual moon buggy? We can do that!” boasts McFadden. “That’s the beauty of our technology.”

Gear-shifting emulation using Iris’ Magnetic Force-Feedback can be used for gaming and racing simulation, entertainment, remote control, and a host of other applications.            

Iris plans to demo this tech, as well as others, at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Find Iris Dynamics Ltd at CES 2018:
CES Tech West
Eureka Park Booth 51715
For more information about CES visit